Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Carpe diem

Friday was a busy day.  A busy start to a busy weekend, in truth, but this is Friday's story.

Across the road from my office, there is a landscaping joint.  They sell stone of every description, soil, mulch and whatnot.  (You probably didn't know this, but you can buy whatnot by the yard.)  In a spontaneous fit of Friday enthusiasm, I decided that we should visit this fine establishment on our lunch break, to see what could be had.  Now I'm sure that looks can be deceiving, but you'd have thought from the expressions on their faces that the good people of Stone Paradise had never seen a chick in a skirt and heels pick out flagstone, chips and dust, topsoil, and mulch.  They should try getting out more.

After laying out the proposed flagstone garden path in the SP parking lot, we summed up, arranged for delivery of our purchases, and took our dusty selves back to work. My colleagues were amused by the grimy hand prints on my skirt, but I'm not sure my red suede slingbacks will ever be the same.

We had a busy Saturday planned -- dance lessons, planting trees with the Scouts, more dance lessons -- and Sunday called for rain.  I was afraid that the 1/2 yard of chips and dust was going to turn into a solid mass in my driveway, so I wheedled and cajoled until Doug agreed to help me lay the path that evening.

At 7:30pm we left the house.  In our driveway lay the chips and dust, 400 lbs of flagstone, a yard of topsoil and 3 yards of mulch.  But by 10pm the path was laid, the topsoil was down, and we had a lovely path to go with our aching backs.

Carpe diem?  Ha.  We didn't just seize the day.  Oh no, we grabbed it by its desultory Friday neck and shook it like a terrier with a rodent.  Every last ounce of garden fun was wrung from the day, and my front yard is vastly improved as a result.  Pictures to follow!

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